Regina's Kids

A living tribute to her life of service...

The Regina’s Kids program, funded through the generosity of the Polinski family, was established as a way to perpetuate the selfless acts of service that exemplified Regina Polinski’s life. The assets of the fund are held in the Msgr. Edward C. Dunn Foundation for Education.

Regina truly lived a life of service. There was no need too small, no cost too great and no individual left wanting in her care. Regina not only answered any call for help, she would actively seek out individuals and organizations in need of assistance. Christ taught us that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for a friend and Regina considered everyone her friend. She taught this lesson daily by the example she set with the life that she led.

Regina’s Kids was created to help instill that benevolence into the community at large, starting with the students of St. Peter’s Parish.

Members of Regina’s Kids will be encouraged and inspired to take a proactive approach to helping others. They won’t wait for someone to ask them for help, the students will watch for opportunities great or small, where they can make a difference in someone’s life. A burden or challenge does not have to be large to be recognized and diminished.

Student Application & Membership Pledge

You can download the Regina’s Kids application form by clicking on the image below.  Once completed please return to the Parish Center or school offices.

Service Scholarship Application

Completed forms must be turned in on or before May 1 of each calendar year.

I. Purpose

A. The Regina’s Kids Program is intended to:

  1. Familiarize students with the Monsignor Dunn Foundation.
  2. Familiarize students with the work and dedication of Regina Polinski in sacrificing her time, self, talent and monies to help others.
  3. Encourage students to become one of Regina’s Kids.
  4. Encourage Regina’s Kids to adopt and live the Regina’s Kids Motto which is: “No Greater Love Than This.”
  5. Instill in each of Regina’s Kids the desire to continuously give of their time, talent and treasure to those in need of their help.
  6. Help other students understand and appreciate the value of living a life as one of Regina’s Kids.
  7. Help St. Peter’s Parish students grow into “Regina Adults.”

B. Membership in Regina’s Kids is:

  1. Available to all students of St. Peter’s Parish and St. Peter’s Schools, grades 1-12
  2. Requires each student and his/her parent(s) to sign and complete the attached application.

C. The Regina’s Kids Program is designed to:

  1. Foster lives built on Christian principles.
  2. Benefit any segment of the school, parish or local communities.
  3. Have a positive impact on the recipient as well as the benefactor.
  4. Attempt to recognize and meet new opportunities for assistance.

D. A member of Regina’s Kids will:

  1. Recognize and respect the dignity of others.
  2. Be willing to give of time, talent or money to assist someone in need.

II. Introduction to Service Opportunities

E. Individual Initiative Opportunities

  1. Members of Regina’s Kids will be expected to voluntarily give of their time, talent or money if they encounter someone in need of help and the member can provide assistance.
  2. Members may organize an individual or group outreach program.

F. Group Activity Opportunities

  1. Groups within the parish may organize outreach activities throughout the area using Regina’s Kids members to accomplish their goals. Application forms are available to all groups wanting to organize their activities under the auspices of the Regina’s Kids Program.

III. Introduction to the Regina’s Kids Service Scholarship Program

G. Service Scholarship Clarification

  1. $1,000.00 College Scholarship to be awarded at the end of the school year to one participating Regina’s Kids senior student.
  2. $500.00 Tuition Scholarship to one participating Regina’s Kids student, grade 8-11, to be applied towards tuition or school fees at St. Peter’s High School.
  3. $500.00 Tuition Scholarship to one participating Regina’s Kids student, grade 1-7, to be applied towards tuition or school fees at St. Peter’s Grade School or Junior High School.
  4. Scholarships will be awarded by a random drawing from all qualified applications.

H. Service Scholarship Qualifications

  1. Parish students must be active members of Regina’s Kids.
  2. Students must fill out the Scholarship Application Form to be eligible for the scholarship drawing at the end of the school year.
  3. Scholarship winners in grades 1-11 will receive money for St. Peter’s Schools tuition for the following school year, regardless of the school they attend when joining Regina’s Kids. (If they choose to not attend St. Peter’s Schools, the money will be returned to the Regina’s Kids fund in that particular student’s name.)